Tree Stump Removal

Sometimes it’s necessary to remove a tree. As bad as it sounds from a climate change person’s perspective, a tree that obstructs the road or your lawn or a tree that reaches the electricity lines can do more harm than good.

Needless to say, the only solution for dead, ill, and dangerous trees is to cut them. However, most people neglect the stump that gets left behind. Yes, the tree is gone, but the stump can still remain as an obstruction.

Importance of Removing Stumps

There are four main reasons why you should get rid of tree stumps.

1) Risk of accidents

Even if tree stumps are visible, they still pose a danger to people who are careless. There are times when you can easily trip over them or that someone falls on it instead of the grass. When this happens and someone gets injured, you might have to answer to personal liability charges. Of course, no one wants that.

2) Continued growth

For as long as the roots are still there, the tree can still grow even if you chop off the trunk. There are cases when other plants grow on the base of the tree if not for the tree itself. There are also times when the roots grow deep into the ground, damaging your pipes. This can pose a bigger problem to your sewage system.

3) Protection from decay and pests

Another reason why you need to remove the tree stump is the growth of decay and pests. Since this is an exposed piece of wood, termites and insects can see this as a nesting place where they further infect the stump and anything around it. If the tree stump is left untreated or removed, you might have a growing population of pests without even noticing it.

4) Beautification

Tree stumps signify dead trees or chopped trees. If you are planning to sell your home, it is best to remove the stumps to make your lawn more presentable. If you have more than one tree stump, then this is definitely an eyesore that can ruin your chances of selling your home.

Tree Stump Removal Services

Stump removal is not as easy as it sounds. It isn’t as simple as driving an ax to the remaining stump and chopping it off until you won’t see any part of the trunk left. This could work if the tree is in the corner, but why stop there? Spring Tree Pros makes sure that when you decide on tree stump removal, it remove the roots as well. This ensures that the tree does not grow again.

Our tree stump removal services include the actual removal, material costs, labor costs, and cleanup fees. We will make sure that we leave the work area clean - as if there was no tree there in the first place. We only use equipment that is needed to remove tree stumps, so rest assured that we will not be needing a lot of space to work. Wherever your tree stump is placed, we can remove them and leave the area clean and tidy.

Got a tree stump in your yard? Give us a call so we can help you out.