Tree Pruning

Professionals who do tree trimming and pruning procedures might make those procedures seem like a piece of cake, but the truth is, those procedures entail so much more thought, consideration and knowledge than merely cutting a twig or branch here and there.

In fact, the terms trimming and pruning are often used interchangeably that both procedures can mean the cutting of tree parts. Just for clarification, trimming is for grooming purposes while pruning is a procedure used to enhance the structure of the tree and make the tree safe for people and houses/buildings that are close to it.

Professional Tree Pruning in Spring, TX

Spring, Texas is not short on trees. The city has plenty of greenery and they thrived due to proper trimming and pruning. Our team of experts at our tree service Spring TX company are capable of performing various tree pruning tasks for a wide range of trees. Here are some pruning methods that we apply:

  • Fine pruning/trimming
  • Cutting certain parts to enhance or retain the appearance of the tree.
  • Standard pruning
  • A more thorough procedure used to improve the tree’s structural integrity.
  • Safety/hazard pruning
  • Procedure where the branches of the tree are removed due to safety considerations.
  • Crown reduction
  • Taking away branches on the sides or the top of a tree. This procedure is often done to allow the inner branches to access air and sunlight more, stop trees from hampering power lines and denting/scratching roofs.

Seasonal Pruning

Pruning depends on the kind of trees you have on your property. Fruit-bearing trees should be pruned in late winter while flowering ones in spring should be pruned as soon as they are blooming. Flowering trees in the summer should be pruned in early spring.

Hardwood trees or any tree that does not bear flowers should be pruned during dormant seasons like winter or late autumn. Dead branches should be removed regardless of the time of the year.

Specialist Tree Pruning Services

When it comes to trimming and pruning, you also need the right equipment apart from knowledge. These factors go hand in hand for a safer, more precise and thorough procedure. Professionals like us are capable and willing to perform these services for you. Allow our team of licensed tree service professionals to take care of your pruning needs. We can guarantee that your greenery will be pruned appropriately and efficiently.

Tree pruning in Spring is crucial since it maintains the health and beauty of the trees in your yard or commercial property. It helps your flowering and fruit-bearing trees to thrive and grow well, giving you even more fruits and blossoms in the coming seasons. Maintaining your trees’ appearance and structural integrity also spells added value on your property. Take care of your greenery and it will make your home more valuable in the eyes of potential house-buyers.

So, do keep us on the top of your tree service list. Call us for a free consultation and estimate. You can also check our homepage for more info.

When should trees be pruned?

The best time to prune a tree trees is during the late winter while they're dormant. Pruning a tree during the dormant season is ideal. Here is the reasoning behind it:

  • Wounds heal faster and this in turn keeps the tree strong.
  • Easier to see what you're doing when there are no leaves on the tree.
  • Less Risk of disease or pest infestation.
  • Less sap flowing (bleeding sap is normal and doesn't hurt the tree, but it can attract pest and it's usually messy).

Is pruning considered good for trees?

Of course, proper pruning is very healthy and essential for trees. It has a lot of benefits. It improves the tree health and encourages strong growth. Besides that, it also removes damaged limbs all while giving an aesthetic appeal to the tree.

Neglecting or over-pruning a tree has the possibility to kill a healthy tree. So definitely use a tree service like Spring Tree Pros that can do pruning the right way.

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